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Glam up your bridal look with stylish bridal eye makeup!

Bridal eye makeup

What can be more beautiful than your eyes speaking for you! The charm and excitement of a new bride speak volumes, and how about accentuating it with a marvelous makeup touch. With some understanding of bridal eye makeup, you can add a tinge of brilliant colors to the eye makeup. Wedding eye makeup is quite impressive as it features impeccable glamour and grace for the big day. Let’s sneak over the trending bridal eye makeup options that can ace you towards a fairytale makeover.

Types of Popular Bridal Eye Makeup Look in 2021!

Smokey Eye Wedding Makeup

Bridal smokey eyes are a new hit as most brides today opt for it. And smokey eyes endeavor the class and grace of a new bride. The darkness of smokey eyes looks simply perfect and sums up almost the entire facial makeup. If you have those flattering big eyes, bridal smokey eye makeup is all you need.


There are a few ways to stand out with your glamorous bridal smokey eyes:

  • Pink shimmery smokey eyes with the thickened eyeliner stroke and dark eyeshadow on them.
  • Nude lips, outlined brows, and a crystal clear face is all you need to be a perfect bride.
  • Smokey eyes with the shadow smudge towards the edges and bright lips can be a signature bridal eyes look!
  • Rosy cheeks accompanied with classic matte smokey eyes with a golden tint is also great.

Bollywood Glamour old-style

Do you remember the old Bollywood beauties with a winged eyeliner towards the edges. Take a cue from that look and get the fantastic bridal eye makeup looks for your wedding.


Brides with small eyes can try this wedding eye makeup as a hack to derive the big eyes illusion. And it looks quite fantastic with those flirty flairs at the sides. Most of the Bengali bridal eye makeup comprises such style, and you can use nude lipstick for a great wedding look.

Peacock inspired eyes

Another option for a new Dulhan eye makeup includes peacock-inspired eyes that include a colorful affair. Here, the artist uses the bridal eyeshadow theme to add purples, blues, golds, and yellow for showcasing attractive eyelids.


The bold brides who wish to create a style statement with the wedding eye makeup must choose this option. It can make them look stunning, and try to incorporate pastel shade outfits to highlight it.

Go fabulous and foiled

The conventional all gold bridal eye makeup is out of trend today. It instead follows the foil-inspired technique that includes lots of silver and navy to provide an intense look. And this type of smokey eye wedding makeup can rock on with any outfit.

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Try using a flirty pink lipstick to keep the other face makeup quite subtle. It is a hot favorite amongst the brides who wish to go for shimmery and smokey eyes simultaneously.

Fairytale bridal eyes

There’s no doubt that every bride is a princess at their wedding, but you can add an oomph touch with the shimmery eyes. It is a spectacular bridal eye makeup that is sure to grab everyone’s attention in a jiffy.

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Your makeup artist can also impart a periwinkle effect by using the ombre designs for a magical eye. Various blends of purple and blue are also well-merged for a fantabulous look. As a result, you can get the perfect bridal eyes that is sure to capture everyone’s attention around.

Colourful undereye

Why should your eyelids have all the makeup embellishment? The new-age bride loves to fickle with the undereye makeup like eyeliners and avoid the use of waterline. If you already have a mild bridal eyeshadow, add a bright color pop beneath the eyes that go in sync with your outfit.

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You should not hide away from using the midnight blues or the deep greens. They raise the glamour quotient to your sarees and lehengas indeed.

Cut-Crease eye makeup

For the spectacular bridal eye makeup, you can opt for a cut-crease makeup that takes away your breath. Any bride can pull off this type of flattering eyes with courage and confidence. With a cut-crease technique, a contrasting shade of eyeshadows helps define the corner crease of the eyes. Your makeup artist might apply any dramatic liner to give you angular makeup. Indian brides love this look!

Use Double-winged liners

Are you willing to grab that double-winged eyeliner look? It’s about adding a twist to the regular liner and add a twist by using a parallel bright color liner along with it.

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The addition of these two strokes can lead to the juxtaposition of your eyes. For the dramatic bridal eyes and appealing bridal makeup look, try this exemplary eye makeup.

Natural bridal eye makeup

All nude shade is a simple definition of natural bridal eye makeup. It means that there would be loads of pinks, rose and nude, and browns in your eye shadow, undereye, lipstick, and even on cheeks. All this can blend to give you a natural and nude that goes right for a minimalistic bride!

Final verdict

Dark and bridal smokey eye makeup is the best way to flaunt those magical and mesmerizing eyes. Your groom is sure to get awestruck when you display your most stunning side with trendy dulhan eye makeup. However, the variations and options stay endless when it comes to giving your eyes a spectacular bridal eye makeup makeover!



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