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5 Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Indirapuram

Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Indirapuram

Makeup is essential for every bridal as every woman wants to look beautiful on her D-day. And why not, you have all the right in the world to enhance your beauty and look gorgeous on your big day. Enhancing beauty doesn’t mean applying makeup and you are not an expert who can apply all the makeup on your own. There are professional bridal makeup artists in Indirapuram or other nearby your location. They can help you enhance your beauty from top to toe and give a gorgeous look to your personality.

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It’s their job to make you look stunning and amazing and you are just a call away from them. Here we are introducing the best and top 5 makeup artists in Indirapuram who are quite famous and provide the best services to give a natural look to your beauty.

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Indrapuram is in Delhi-NCR region and there are so many well-established salons and makeup artists. Some of them are well established while others are just emerging and yet to make the impact. We will discuss here some famous and best bridal makeup artists in Indirapuram who provide their best makeup services to the bridal and her relatives and friends.

Top 5 Best Makeup Bridal Makeup Artist In Indrapuram

Here are the best of the 5 Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Indrapuram that you can contact according to your comfort.

1] Meribindiya Bridal Team

Meribindiya bridal stands top on the list as it is very famous in the Delhi NCR region and Indrapuram as well. They have a very highly professional team who provide highly quality doorstep bridal services and quite popular in every part of Delhi NCR. The team of Meribindiya are very professional and skilful who are masters in doing the makeover.

Meribindiya provides all kinds of bridal services along with destination wedding service which is quite awesome.

There are so many types of bridal packages that the Meribindiya team provides and different packages have different prices. The price may vary based on the product and service you choose. They provide services like HD make-up, full body waxing, eyelashes and hair extension and many more.

There are many other makeup artists in Indirapuram where you can check the list of services and book the appointment as per your convenience and budget.

For Booking Meribindiya Bridal Team, Call at 8130520472 or visit

2] Bharti Taneja ALPS Beauty Salon

Bharti Taneja ALPS Beauty Salon is in Indrapuram and a top-class salon which is not only famous in this region but also in some other regions of Delhi. The salon is very nice and has enough space for the clients and can handle multiple clients simultaneously. They provide a wide range of services to their client at a reasonable price with all branded products. You can consider it as another best makeup artist in Indirapuram and Delhi NCR region.

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They have some very talented bridal makeup artist in Indirapuram and hairstylist too which are quite good and professional. Dr. Bharti Taneja, the founder of Bharti Taneja ALPS group is a well-known personality in-country and has a well-reputed salon in many parts of Delhi and the NCR region.

Not only that but she has a degree of doctorate also which means she is not only a good make up artist but also a well-educated person who can understand the client’s persona very well.

3] Sangeeta Dev Makeup house

Sangeeta Dev is also quite famous and one of the best makeup artist in Indirapuram and provide best bridal services to their client. She owns her own makeup house and provides service at the doorstep as well as at the makeup house.


She is a very experienced, talented, skilful and smart artist who knows and understand the bridals requirement very well.

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Although it is a new name and still emerging in the makeup field but so far Sangeeta makeup house has given decent service to the bridals and they seem more focused on customer satisfaction. You will get to see her name on the list of Best bridal makeup artists in Indirapuram when you google the list of the beauty salon.

4] Shalini Seyth Makeup Artist

Shalini Seyth, a makeup Artist is another emerging makeup artist from Ghaziabad Indrapuram. She is not that experienced, yet she offers very good service to their client.

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The best part is that she understands the bridal need and what the bride wants and she helps the bride to achieve that only. She is personal very sweet and simple yet very talented and skilful. She is giving good competition in the market and no sooner she will rise and establish her name on the top of the list

5] Sukul n Archana’s Make-up House

This is yet another well-known name in Indrapuram and provides the best bridal service and bridal wedding package to their client. Not only known for best bridal makeup artist in Indirapuram but also pretty good at providing all kinds of makeup service. It includes eyelash extension, hairstyling, body waxing, threading, manicure, pedicure, nail extension, and design, and many more.


There are so many other makeup artists in Indirapuram and outside the Indrapuram who are well-established and very famous. But we have filtered the top 5 best bridal makeup artist in Indirapuram based on their quality of services, price and other factors. And then only, here we introduced you to those famous bridal makeup artist in Indirapuram.

Now, you can make a wise decision by contacting them or visiting their make up studio. You can even get their appointment in advance so that you don’t need to rush for searching for the best makeup artist on your wedding day.



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