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Best Freelance Makeup Artist in Jaipur | Meribindiya – Makeup Artist Team

Best Bridal Makeup Artist in jaipur

Be it the wedding day or any special occasion; we women love to look our best. So, we wish to do justice with our makeup. That’s where professional makeup witches of the town come to our rescue with their magic brushes and accessories. But every one of us has different makeup requirements, and every makeup artist has a uniqueness of their own. So, before hiring a makeup artist in Jaipur, ensure how you vision yourself to look for the special occasion. 

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What MeriBindiya Team Has To Offer For The Gorgeous You

For stylish, customized, and waterproof makeup for every occasion, MeriBindiya is the one-stop-shop. Besides preparing you for the special days, you can completely trust the reputed makeup shop for pre-bridal skincare. And for all your right excuses to wear Mehandi, we are happily available with our team of extremely talented Mehandi artists.

Bridal Makeup done by meribindiya team

Anniversary Makeup

Anniversary is a precious moment for a couple. And for the anniversary party, why won’t you let your inner beauty shine on your face? Reflect the depth of your confidence and grace with the touch of elegant anniversary makeup from MeriBindiya’s talented makeup artists.

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The anniversary makeup packages vary along with their price ranges. For things that are not included in the package will have extra charges. You will receive the best anniversary makeup service at your door-step.

Bridal Makeup in Jaipur

It’s your wedding day, and you are the rare diamond with whom your life partner will tie the knot. So, let his heart skip a bit when you walk down the aisle in your bridal saree or lehenga. Your makeup will set you apart from others on the day, and you will feel like the Queen of heart, getting married to her King of heart.

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At MeriBindiya, you can book for the best bridal makeup artist in Jaipur and see yourself transform into the royal bride with the magical touch. MeriBidiya team has been successful in bringing a smile to 1000 brides’ faces with their exclusive bridal makeup.

Engagement Makeup

When two people decide on a lifetime commitment, it’s surely a big step forward, and it’s a precious occasion to celebrate. Before taking the last leap on your wedding day, you two vow with engagement rings. The moment connects when both of you wear the ring on your ring finger. After all, it’s said the ring finger has a delicate nerve that reaches straight to the heart.

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MeriBindiya cares about your life turning moment and believes that the diva in you must come out on your engagement day. So, choose the package that you want to get, and our makeup artist and hairstylist will reach your door-step.

Party Makeup

Let’s rock the party season with the next-level party makeover with MeriBindiya. When you are the life of the party, why not reveal your fun side with smart party makeup.

Bengali Bridal Makeup Done by Meribindiya Team

Our team of professional makeup artists is here to make your party makeup stand out for all the right reasons. Of course, the charges of each party’s makeup package differ from one another, and you have to pay extra charges for additional requirements.

Photoshoot Makeup by The Best Makeup Artist in Jaipur

Are you prepping up for a photoshoot? You will need expert makeup artists that can give you a look and feel that the photoshoot requires. Also, if you are planning for your pre-wedding shoot with your partner, you would want the best makeup artist in Jaipur. After all, it’s your special moments before the wedding, and it’s a celebration in itself. So, let our professional makeup artist prep you up as per your wish.

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If you want an experimental makeup photoshoot, we are here to serve you with the best experience.

Reception Makeup

Reception day is as special as your wedding day, and you would want to look like the Queen. It’s a dream for every woman to start her new journey after the marriage with a beautiful start. Why not begin from your reception day? Let your partner get enamored by you while introducing you to the guests.

You two are a celebrity of the day, and the glow and glamour should reflect in your demeanor. Everyone will be awed to see your best personalities coming out, and you will feel content. For the best bridal makeup in Jaipur and areas across Rajasthan, MeriBindiya is just a contact away from you. You will get the most satisfying doorstep makeup service from our professionals. 

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At MeriBindiya, we believe every woman has their unique beauty, and she deserves to flaunt it with confidence. That’s why we have highly skillful 50 senior makeup artists and hairstylists, along with 100 junior makeup artists and hairstylists.

These professionals are well versed with not only traditional makeup demands but also with the latest trends. Now along with Delhi, MeriBindiya renders doorstep freelance makeup artists in Jaipur and all across Rajasthan. 

How To Place A Booking With MeriBindiya Makeup Team

So, you have decided that you want to book MeriBindiya for a particular makeup service in Jaipur and areas across Rajasthan. You just have to go visit our website and click on “Add To Cart” for the service you want to avail. Also, the booking can be placed at 8130520472. In this number, you can call or Whatsapp and inform us about the service you are looking for.

For phone booking, you will have to pay 30% in advance, while you pay the rest of the price after the makeup is complete. Without further ado, contact us to receive our best makeup service. 



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