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7 Key Factors To Have In A Wedding Caterer

7 Key Factors To Have In A Wedding Caterer

At the bridal glam guide, we always want to make your wedding special. The party vibe, along with delicious food, is mandatory to make the rocking wedding. We all go through the phase of searching for a trustworthy caterer.
I thought, how I can help out people in choosing their best caterer in town.

Then I decided to list a few factors that play an essential role in getting the best catering service. Trust me, if you use these factors to filter out a list of caterers, then not a single ‘fufaji’ can found a loophole in the dinner plate.

“Plans are nothing. Planning is everything.”

– Albert Einstein

1. Check their Specialty

 While finding out perfect food for the wedding, we need to check out the specialty of marriage food caterers. In India, we have various communities, and all communities have their own specialty food items. Hence we need to check out their specialties before choosing the best caterer for the marriage ceremony. For example, few caterers are specialists in Punjabi food. Likewise, few are masters of making marwadi food items.

2. Check For credibility

We live in India and have a big network of relatives and friends. By using this network, get the most trusted caterer. We will depend on those people on marriage day; thus, we must be sure about the credibility. You must be aware of a risk in hiring non trusted people.

3. Find people who have ice on their head and sugar on the tongue.

 At weddings, I saw rage between caterers and guests. Those fights were totally mood spoilers. We must be sure about their behavior. Firstly, we can ask for reviews from our relatives. Secondly, we can check customer reviews on Google and other sites. This is the most essential factor to have in a wedding caterer. They must be polite and decent food servers.

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 4. Affordable catering Service

 Arrangement of foods in marriage ceremony takes a lot of money. I will suggest you must find a caterer who offers the most affordable catering service. Perfect utilization of funds can be achieved by saving money. You can invest that savings in other factors at the wedding to make it better. So check out for wedding catering on a budget.

 5. Flexibility.

I saw some caterers being stubborn on their terms and conditions. It happens if you get extra guests at short notice. Few wedding caterers do not care and charge heavily on different plates exceeding the decided limit. Thus, we must be sure about the flexible attitude of our caterer. Food caterers at the wedding must be aware of the fluctuation in the number of guests. We need to discuss a flexible number of plates at the wedding.

6. Balanced and quality menu.

Decide whether you are looking for an Indian family-style menu or modern wedding food menus. Then talk with caterers and ask for their menu options. Best wedding ceremony caterer haves separate menu for different demands of customers. Few wedding catering services offer to customize the menu as per your choice. Catering prices may be changed as per your requirement of food.

7. Genuine FSSAI registration and sufficient staff

One ideal food caterer for the wedding must have sufficient and trained staff to serve the guests at your wedding. IF the caterer fails to provide adequate staff, it may cause issues at a wedding buffet. You must know sure about the FSSAI registration of the food caterer. It is safe to hire a genuine food caterer for the marriage ceremony.


I tried to cover all the essential factors to have in a wedding caterer. I hope you are satisfied with this checklist by Bridal Glam Guide. We always bring quality content to our readers. I wish very best of luck in organizing one successful wedding party. Use this checklist to get the best food caterer service provider at the wedding venue.



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