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Top 10 Bengali Bridal Makeup Ideas

Bangali Bridal Makeup ideas
Is the first day of your life coming closer? Then start preparing yourself with these inspiring Bengali bridal makeup ideas.

When it’s about the Bengali brides, you can spot them even from a distance for their unique Bengali bridal makeup ideas. Those gorgeous big dramatic eyes and elegant Kalka designs with a bright, red bindi on the forehead complement the entire look. Traditionally, a Bengali bride’s bridal look is incomplete without a red Benarasi saree and exquisite gold jewelry. 

In recent times, many brides are ditching the red Benarasi for other colors. This makes a difference in their overall look. But, it is for sure, the Benarasi saree color defines the Dulhan ka makeup to a great extent. Nowadays, brides are informing their makeup artist about the Benarasi color to prepare them with perfect bridal makeup ideas. 

Bengali women have sharp facial features, so the bride’s makeup must highlight these features giving artistic touch. When it comes to core Bengal bridal makeup, every Bengali bride loves the simply elegant makeup despite her Benarasi saree color. Here are some makeup ideas that makeup artists can focus on:

Bengali bridal makeup Ideas: Expressive, Glittery Eyes

Every Bengali beauty is gifted with big, dramatic eyes. It allows a wedding makeup artist to add his artistic expertise to make the eyes speak volumes. The doe-eyed beauty looks dreamy with the touch of eye primer, kohl, and complementing eyeliner. Of course, Bengali bridal eye makeup can’t get complete without a little pinch of glitter on the eyes. Use fake eyelashes and mascara to make the eyes look bigger and voluminous.

Kiss Of Red And White Kalka

For Bengali wedding tradition, the Kalka design or Chandan bindi on the forehead makes the bride look the part. Even if you are not wearing a red Benarasi saree, do not skip the beautiful red and white Kalka. Traditionally, the design emanates from the center of the bride’s forehead to the eyebrows’ end or side. Also, never forget the red bindi at the center as it brightens up the Bengali bridal makeup look. 

Highlighted, Contoured Cheeks

Aesthetic is part of every Bengali beauty that depicts the glistening Goddess archetype. So, the chiseled and perfect cheeks are a prominent feature that we see in Bengali women. Therefore, you should care about subtly accentuating your jaw and cheekbones. It allows your eyes and nose to be more prominent and sharper. 

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That Ultimate Bridal Look: Big Smile With Red Lips 

It is unlikely to see a Bengali bride who doesn’t wear hot red lipstick. From celebrities to normal brides, every Bengali woman loves the pop of color on her lips. The red bindi, along with the red lips, is a quintessential part of the Bengal bridal makeup. In case you are not using bold red, use a deeper red tone. Of course, if you want your lips to do all the talking, definitely use other lighter shades and hues. 

Go With Natural, Simple Look

Before applying Bengali Dulhan makeup, the makeup base must be good, keeping the skin’s natural tone. Therefore, inform your bridal artist to bring the right foundation tone to achieve a smooth skin tone. You would want to look glowing with the makeup on. The first base on the skin will definitely define whether the base has become flakey, cakey, or just right. It will hold on to the entire makeup from start to finish. 

Simple Hairdo With Mukut And Tikli

Bengali brides are elegant and have simplicity in their look. On the wedding day, as a traditional ritual, the mukut and tikli are extremely auspicious. Some brides also opt for golden mukut instead of the shola one. However, during the Haldi ceremony, every Bengali bride wears a shola mukut. It is believed that Lord Shiva had worn a shola crown. A simple hairstyle makes the look perfect and doesn’t overdo it.

Bengali Bridal Makeup Ideas: Showstopper Benarasi Saree 

No matter which color of Benarasi saree you choose to wear on your wedding day, do wear it. The intricate designs with fine glowing threads give out the royal feel, unlike any other attire. It will help you to outshine everyone on your special day of life. The complete Bengali bridal makeup ideas can never start without the right Benarasi saree.  

Alta Design On Hands And Feats

A Bengali bride’s wedding makeup will surely look plain without the beautiful Alta design on her palms and feet. The red Alta complements the golden jewelry, Benarasi saree, and complete bridal look. Alta design has its own allure and signifies the beginning of a new life for the bride in her in-law’s place. 

Bengali Bridal Makeup Ideas: Golden Jewelleries Are Must

The bridal look of a Bengali bride won’t be more elegant without any trace of golden jewelry. After all, those intricate designs tell their own tales of an enigma. So, even if you are a modern bride who prefers minimal to no jewelry, get all the gold bridal jewelry. You will love it when the artist finishes the makeup. 

Shankha And Pola

At a Bengali wedding, a woman wears shakha and pola as the symbol of a married woman, besides the sindur. So, if you love to go for something stylish instead of plain shakha and pola, go for it. It will look beautiful among all the golden bangles on the wedding day and reception day. 

That’s all I had in my mind for the best Bengal bridal makeup ideas. In case you remember something, do tell us in the comment box below.



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