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Top 10 Home Workout for Brides who wish to look perfect on the ‘Wedding Day’!

10 home workout for bridal

Is your wedding on the cards, and you are looking out for a bridal workout plan? Are you unable to visit the gym regularly for body workouts? How about shedding some extra kilos at home? Pre- wedding workout can work magic on your health and skin.
But you can acquire the perfect wedding fitness and body shape without a gym visit and push your limits through 10 home workout options for brides. It is not essential to own a rack of gym equipment for this. Squats, push-ups, and glute bridges are a few alternatives you could apply to your daily workout regime.

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You can also include a bridal arm workout and shed few kilos along your waistline to get a perfect body in your wedding lehenga. Go for a wedding workout plan 1 month at home, and below mentioned exercises would help you out.

Let’s start with the 10 best wedding workout options to give you a gym like an accomplishment at home itself:

1. Cardio for a lower-body workout-

There is a lot to explore in-home workouts for bridal fitness as there are ample exercises that you might not have tried till now. Runner’s lunge for balancing can improvise your agility.

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Have you heard about corkscrew? It is a dynamic plank workout that can enhance your core strength. Involving such strenuous exercises for the lower body not just boosts up your endurance but also strengthens your core muscles. The workout intensity can increase by reducing the number of rest sessions you might take during the exercise.

lower-body workout

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2. 20 minutes HIIT workouts for joints –

Equinox group’s instructor Colleen Conlon came up with the concept of HIIT workouts that is apt for fitness lovers who want to work on joint muscles. Sitting for long hours during wedding ceremonies is common, and working on your joints can improve joint flexibility. But it involves many plyometric moves, which is why brides with some prior joint problems should avoid it.

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Starting with sidekicks and crab toe touches, it slowly leads to skater hops that are its advanced version. Consult your physician before trying this wedding day workout plan.

HIIT workouts for joints

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3. Full-body Workout-

To achieve and maintain a lean body, a complete bridal body workout at home can prove effective. Every bride dreams of attaining a perfect figure for their wedding day. After all, it’s your day, and you should own all the attention with some surprising elements.

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Considering a 6-month wedding fitness plan along with perfect bridal makeup and lehenga can work wonders! Choose a circuit and start with the regime like legs, shoulders, and core in multiple rounds. You can also opt for some power yoga sessions with the help of some video tutorials online.

Full-body Workout

4. Plank-based workout-

Planks are always an excellent option for home bridal body workout on your triceps and shoulders. You can try its several variations like shoulder tap, forearm plank, and plank jack. But first, go through some video tutorials to get a fair idea about the posture as it is a crucial part of plank exercises.

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Planks work amazingly to tone your abs and imparts a perfect waistline that every bride wishes to flaunt on their bid day. Amongst the best exercise for brides, this one aces the list.

Plank-based workout

5. 4-Move 30-minute cardio workout-

Three significant moves that must be a part of this workout are bird-dog crunches, froggers, and a three-point toe touch spontaneously. You can shed down a lot of calories with repetitive sets of this workout. Continue this as a part of the wedding workout plan for 1 month, and you can achieve a lean body.

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Rest minutes depending on how fast you can do it and your overall fitness level. Wedding anxiety is also a pervasive problem, and with the right set of workout sessions, you can tactfully overcome this.

4-Move 30-minute cardio

6. Abs workout-

It is an essential home-based bridal body workout when you cannot hit the gym for shedding some extra kilos. Abs workout involves a series of exercises like forearm plank rock for as long as you can hold or plank up-down as per your core strength. Try not to take much rest between the sets for the best results.

Abs workout

7. Squats –

– This can be the best bridal workout for brides who have bulky thighs and want to tone them up before marriage. It is amongst the best home workout to reduce fat on your thigh and hips area.

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You can start with small and few squats and gradually keep increasing the count once you develop endurance to strenuous workout sessions. You can work without any gym equipment and yet attain excellent outcomes by following it correctly and regularly.


8. Take a 5-minute Push-ups challenge-

Doing push-ups in the right posture can significantly affect your legs, shoulders, abs, and butt. You can observe quick effects once you switch to this form of exercise regime. For those aiming at a 12-week wedding workout, this challenge can help gain the core muscle strength that also gives you a fit body.

5-minute Push-ups challenge

9. Cardio workout for beginner-

If you are a beginner to home bridal workout sessions, start with this simple cardio workout, which involves flutter kick, the skater, and 3 point-toe touches. Retain each move for at least 30 seconds and keep repeating the same. Cardio is a good idea for their skin health as it burns out a lot of calories and gives an inner glow.

Cardio workout for beginner

10. Facial Exercises-

Facial exercises are proven very useful to enhance the inner glow of brides and give a perfectly toned shape that can accentuate the bridal makeup on it. Start with making a big C shape using your index fingers and thumb, which you can place parallel to eyebrows and thumbs on cheeks.

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Now, slowly start pulling down the index finger along with raising the eyebrows and widening your eyes. Hold the same posture for around two seconds and then relax. Repeat the same thing for at least 5-10 times. Continue this for 3 months for desirable outcomes.

Facial Exercises

Wrap up

These are top home bridal workouts to stay fit when you cannot step into the gym and ensure some intrusive sweating sessions at home. As the people cannot move out for physical workout due to corona fear, they might be missing some refreshing sessions at gyms with treadmills and other equipment.

However, its never too late if you want to go for a bridal boot camp workout, which can get started right from your home. Follow these 10 best workout plans and get ready to display your inner spark and fitness on your wedding day. You can also ask your partner to follow this exercise and set some couple fitness goals as well!



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