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Anu Kaushik Bridal Makeup Artist: Package Review & Price

Anu Kaushik Bridal Makeup Artist

Getting married is the dream of every girl and to look gorgeous on the big day is what every bride wants. Why not! It is a bid of your life which comes once in a lifetime and you have all the right in the world to do whatever you can to look beautiful on your wedding day. To get your desire, you should hire a professional makeup artist such as Anu Kaushik Bridal Makeup Artist.


If you are living in South Delhi, then bridal packages at Anu Kaushik would be an affordable and good option for you.

Anu Kaushik is one of the finest makeup artists in the Delhi region and has more than 25 years of experience in makeup and hairstyling. She is an expert and professional bridal makeup artist. Apart from that, she is talented, stylish, smart decision-maker.

Perfect Makeup Artist For Your Bridal Makeup

Well, there are so many other makeup artists in Delhi who provides the same services for bridal makeup. But Anu Kaushik’s Makeup is slightly different and unique from others. She has experience of almost 30 years which is itself a huge achievement and the answer to your question why Anu Kaushik?

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That much experience doesn’t come easy, with a wonderful heart makes her even more favourite. The full name of Anu Kaushik is Ankita Kaushik, born and brought up in Delhi, the capital of India and she is the favourite of many Bollywood stars too.

In-person, Anu Kaushik is an amazing human being who knows how to treat and do a makeover to the bride. She also helps to release the pressure and boost the confidence of brides which is pretty good actually.

Anu Kausik cooperates with their client pretty well and helps them choose the right look, product, style, and will give you a piece of advice if needed.

Makeup artists at Anu Kaushik Studio will never fail to amaze you with work and talent. Also, she personally doesn’t shy away from travelling and provide the service for destination, outstation wedding.

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You can find her on the internet and get her contact number in case you are interested to have a word with her, just type Anu Kaushik Makeup Artist on Google and you will get the way to contact her.

Makeup Packages Of Anu Kaushik

Anu Kaushik provides a wide range of makeup packages to their clients. A few of those packages are:

  • Hair Extensions
  • Eyelashes
  • Draping
  • Regular make-up
  • HD make-up
  • Air Brush make-up
  • Party make-up (for pre-wedding and post-wedding)
  • Friends and family make-up
  • Hair Styling

Anu Kaushik Makeup Price & Bridal Package Reviews

There are so many Anu Kaushik Bridal Makeup packagesthat she offers at an affordable price which is beneficial for you. Let’s see a few Anu Kaushik Makeup Price for bridal that she offers for different occasion, the price may vary depending upon the products and style you choose.

  • Bridal Makeup: The bridal makeup per person will include HD and airbrush makeup, draping, styling, and extension.
  • Party Makeup: The price per person for bridal makeup for a party is very affordable at Anu Kaushik Studio. And it includes HD makeup, draping, styling, and many more.
  • Relative Makeup: You can go with this package for the bride’s relative or friends. It includes the professional beauty touch up to each person, including the suggestion for dress up.

Anu Kaushik Studio is in demand these days and she has worked with more than a thousand clients. She has done the makeover of many top-class Bollywood celebrities such as Karina Kapoor Khan, Chaturanga Sing, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, and many more.

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She not just talented and smart but also creates a good bond with her clients which means she pretty good by nature as well.


There are several other makeup artists in the country and you can go with any one of your wishes. But Anu Kaushik is one of the most talented and skillful professional makeup artists and have years of experience which tells you the story.

So, without any confusion, just grab your phone and contact her to check her availability and fix the appointment accordingly. Do not shy away from hiring her, it might turn out to be the best deal you ever made in your life.



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