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Parul Garg Makeup Artist vs Meribindiya Bridal Team: Review on Work, Services & Charges

Parul Garg Makeup Artist

Are you living in the Delhi NCR region and looking for the best make-up artists nearby your area? If yes then here you will get to know about the top Two Highly professionals make-up studio who are satisfying the client by giving a beautiful HD look to the overall personality. Here, we will talk about Parul Garg Bridal Makeup and Meribindiya Bridal Team. Also, you will see the price comparison, review, and available service provided by both of these popular makeup artists.

About Parul Garg and Meribindiya Bridal Team

Parul Garg Makeup Artist

She is a very well known and famous name in several kinds of makeup service provider. She provides you with makeover services at her studio situated in Gurgaon & Delhi. Also, on request, you can get Parul Garg’s Makeup services at your venue in India and global locations.

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She is an expert in giving a stunning look to a bride. Parul has worked with several Bollywood celebrities as well and a few names include; Amisha Patel, Malaika Arora and Karishma Kapoor.

Meribindiya Makeup Artist

We can’t do any comparison between both of the giant make up artists give happiness to their clients by providing a step ahead beauty services. Because both of them,


Meribindiya Makeup Team & Parul Garg Makeup Artist has their own expertise in a wide range of makeup services.


Parul Garg Makeup Services

parul garg bridal makeup charges

Parul Garg provides a one-stop solution for all your beauty needs. A list of her popular makeup services includes;

  • Bridal Makeup
  • Engagement Makeup
  • Reception Makeup
  • Makeovers
  • Jewellery on Rent
  • Occasion Makeup

Meribindiya Makeup Services

  • Bridal Makeup
  • Anniversary Makeup
  • Engagement Makeup
  • Party Makeup
  • Group Makeup
  • Reception Makeup
  • Photoshoot Makeup
  • Mehandi
  • Pre Bridal Services

Makeup Charges

Parul Garg Makeup Charges

Parul Garg Makeup Price at Studio in Delhi or Gurgaon

Parul Garg Makeup Charges are comparatively lower than other make up service providers. If you desire to get your Makeup done By Parul Garg then you must be aware of her various Parul Garg Bridal Makeup Charges and other Parul Garg Makeup Price.

  1. To have a Signature Bridal Makeup by Parul Garg, the package will cost you Rs.41,000.
  2. To get ready for any celebration with Signature Occasion Makeup done by Parul Garg, you will be charged Rs.36,000.
  3. If you want to get your Bridal Makeup done by Senior Artists at Parul Garg Studio, you need to pay Rs.21,000.
  4. The occasion makeup by senior artists at Parul Garg studio will cost you Rs.16,000.
  5. Party makeup for family members, friends or another person by senior artists will cost you Rs.6000 per person for classic makeup. Rs.7000 for HD Makeup and Rs.9000 for Airbrush makeup.

Parul Garg Makeup Price at Your Selected Venue

  1. To get Parul Garg signature bridal or occasion services in the Delhi NCR region will cost you Rs.60,000.
  2. To get Occasion Makeup or Signature Bridal makeup by Parul Garg in outstation or overseas locations, you will need to pay Rs.85000.

Meribindiya Makeup Service Charges

For the comfort and convenience of clients, Meribindiya used to provide doorstep services for all makeup needs. Her prices are comparatively lower than Parul Garg Makeup Price even for providing the services at your selected venue.

  1. If are looking for Bridal Airbrush Makeup then you need to pay Rs.20,000 to the Meribindiya professional makeup artists.
  2. They charge Rs.7500 for providing the Engagement Airbrush Makeup service at your doorstep.
  3. Party makeup charges start from 2000 rs. For having the Airbrush Party Makeup, you need to pay Rs.6000 after getting a satisfactory result.
  4. By paying Rs.7500 for Reception Airbrush Makeup at Meribindiya, you can get a party stopping look in a possible short time.
  5. Anniversary Airbrush Makeup by Meribindiya professional teams will cost you Rs.7500.

Bridal Makeup Package Include

Inclusions for makeup by Parul Garg

The makeup done by Parul Garg includes Hair Styling, facial makeup, Mink/Silk false eye-lashes, draping, Nail Paint change, coloured non-powered lenses. These services include in all the packages where you get the services directly by Parul Garg.

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However, the services provided by senior artists at Parul Garg studio or your venue includes; Facial makeup, hair styling, dupatta or saree draping, nail paint change and regular false eyelashes.

Inclusions for makeup by Meribindiya

Whatever the makeup services you want to get from Meribindiya, definitely you will get all the essential needs. It includes, Airbrush Makeup, Hair Styling, Eye lashes, Dress Draping, Saree Draping, Chunni Draping, Fancy Bun Hairdos, Nail Paint application and Hair Accessories.

Services Review

Parul Garg Studio Review

A few years ago, Parul was a lawyer by profession but due to having the creativity to play with makeup, she decided to make a flawless career in this field. After going through a lot of struggle, now she is known as one of the best Bridal Makeup artists in the Delhi NCR region.

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Due to providing a satisfactory look to her clients, she wins their heart and gets positive feedback from them. 10 out of 9 clients used to give her 5 out of 5 points to provide amazing makeup for all the occasions. To get the proof, you can see her portfolio and client’s review page on the official website.

Meribindiya Make Up Artists Review

Lat, who is an engineer too, have founded the Meribindiya company in 2016 with the aim to provide the best pre-bridal, bridal, mehandi and othe make services for various occasions. The team are expert in giving a glorious look to their client at a very affordable rate and that’s all by visiting their place. The customer likes their doorstep services provided by the skilled enough professionals.

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Apart from provide the convenient Bridal services, Meribindiya also runs a International Makeup Academy with NSDC approved diploma & certificate course to empower the women for shaping a bright career.

How to Booking Services

How to get an appointment for Parul Garg Makeup?

To achieve a gorgeous look for any occasion, you can fix an appointment with Parul Garg by calling at +91 9958600827 or messaging her through What’s App. 50% Payment done at booking and rest of amount will pay after services.

How to contact Meribindiya Bridal Team?

For getting a wide range of make up services or to stable a career in cosmetology, you can directly contact Meribindiya at +91 8130520472 or visit to fix an appointment. 30% Payment done at booking and rest of amount will pay after services.


If you have enough budget and want to get a celebrity look for any occasion, you can contact with Parul Garg Makeup Artist team. However, if you are running with a short budget and looking for an excellent makeup artist who can give the best services at your doorstep, nothing would be better than contacting Meribindiya Professional Makeup Artist Team.


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