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A Garden-Themed Mandap Wedding Planning

Themed Mandap Wedding Planning

Getting married in near future? Looking for wedding mandap decoration and design, how about the garden-themed mandap? Who doesn’t love greenery all around? That would be a perfect theme for the wedding where your mandap would be right in the centre of the garden. And the couple will have all the rights to grab the attention of everyone present in the wedding ceremony.

There is a huge demand for wedding mandap these days with different design, theme, and style. There are so many types of marriage mandap that wedding planner offers at a reasonable cost.

However, there are different styles and design of garden-themed mandap that the wedding planner will offer you. Also, there is the category of garden-themed mandap which comes in a wide range such as water pond, royalty mandap, floral and many more.

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Mandap decoration is equally important as much as the makeup of the bride and groom. Vidhi mandap designs are essential and play an important role in Hindu rituals. Wedding mandap is typically known as Shaadi mandap in India and in Hindu culture where the Shaadi means a wedding.

Types Of Mandap Design And Decoration

White mandaps

Going with an all-white mandap is very much in demand right now. Couples prefer the elegant look and a white mandap will look gorgeous. You can also experiment like improvising with the colour such as white with red roses will add contrast and complement each other. Simple mandap decoration with white colours is the best one. Keeping it less contrasting and focusing more on simplicity always makes the statement.

White mandap

Lush greenery mandap

Lush greenery mandap is the latest mandap design and ruling the day wedding, the greenery does not only look beautiful but also gives the true feeling of nature and the fresh air will be an added advantage. With a trellis ceiling, the outdoor garden mandap will look just amazing and the mandap is designed especially for outdoor weddings.

Lush greenery mandap

Rustic mandap design

It will just work as a cherry on the cake in a garden-themed mandap. It is the latest mandap design and a very unique one that gives you the vibes of a wonderful ambience. Marriage mandap decoration is one of the key parts of wedding planning which cannot be ignored.

Rustic Mandap design

Traditional mandap

It is the most common and old design of mandap but still, most couples prefer this style in the modern era. With an old design, one can improvise and mix the old and new together and gives the new version of the traditional mandap. You can call this traditional style mandap as Shadi mandap in India, the style goes well with the name.

Traditional mandap

All red mandap

Go classy with all red mandap, let your class do the talking and you just enjoy grabbing the attention of your friends and co. A beautiful red mandap with red roses and red curtains will make the statement. The red mandap will give the vibes of the pure sadi mandap and will maintain the class as well.

Red mandap

South Indian style

South Indian mandap is also popular and not only in the Southern part of India but also in many other parts of the country. They prefer the traditional mandap with a lot of marigolds and temple bells. But even that beautify the mandap and gives the traditional vibes.

South Indian style mandap

Garden themed mandap

An open garden-themed mandap will create a gorgeous ambience, with the aura of owning the refreshing helps in creating an appealing and delightfully visual. Forest, wood, nature, garden theme mandap and maybe a lake or a water pond around the garden and beautifully designed mandap will be right in the centre, now you can use the imagination of being on that mandap. Hindu wedding mandap decorations are not just the decorations but it is the belief and the rituals of Hindus which stands on the top of everything else and above all.

Garden themed mandap

That would be a fantastic feeling surely, and it goes without saying. The open garden mandap is a far better option than the indoors mandap where everything will seem congested or get the feeling of not having enough space for anything. There are plenty of marriage mandap designs with different themes and colours which comes in a wide range. Mandap design is important but the element that use to design your mandap is equally important and plays an important role.

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Plants, trees, leaves, branches, stems, flowers, and all the green elements are used to revel in the beauty of nature. You can also look for a new and unique mandap design with the same theme or you can even look for a different theme. It is cost-effective and eco-friendly where there will be no harm to the environment. The cost of different mandap depends upon the size of the mandap, a small mandap might cost you less whereas huge mandap designs will cost you more. Also, the cost of a mandap depends on how simple the wedding mandap is designed and decorated.



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