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Best Wedding Choreographer in Delhi

Weddings in Delhi are an occasion of exhilaration and dance. At a wedding; dancing is a tradition of elation. There is now the best wedding choreographer in Delhi, the capital of India, to cater to the situation in rendition. The team of wedding choreographer in Delhi NCR are a team of professionals who train dance to participants.

wedding dance choreographers in Delhi are the experts who perfect their dance steps and moves. There are musical patterns that appeal. The entire wedding dancers gain their lessons from the choreographers on wedding songs. All dance to amplify and mark to remember the moment lifelong.

So, the marriage function is now witnessing wedding dance choreographers in Delhi. There is a trend in Delhi to this aspect and there are a plethora of talented and professional wedding choreographers in Delhi.

So, let’s see what are the top best choreographers with wedding choreography prices in Delhi.

Booking a Perfect Wedding Dance Choreographer in Delhi

Look for what your budget involved. Know if they are offering a discount on the package. Deal only with a verified wedding choreographer with a record of consumer satisfaction with standard quality improvisation.

There is a wide variety of dance forms to render. Request a quotation only if you are satisfied. This takes around one and half moth preparation for the dancing lessons that depending on the number of dancers and the number of songs. It depends on how you pick up the dance steps. Do the booking after the price negotiations.

Why Choose The Best Wedding Choreographer?

It is now an intrinsic part of a wedding function to perform dances. Hiring someone who is an expert is recommended. All this is to cherish with trending songs planned for the rollicking event.

  • This is because it is easy to learn from a reputed choreographer and is advised these days.
  • You should be able to perform with the least difficulty with the help of a professional trainer even if have not danced ever before in your life.
  • People of all age groups can easily harness the rhythm and can be taught in different segments.
  • Allocating a premium budget should not be a problem which the celebration fulfills.

Finally, If Your Mood Is Set

You have a wide range of options to choose from. If the preparations are on for the wedding ceremony are underway you should not be guessing.

In the NCR the list of professional choreographers is replete. You find out their complete profile and their professional details. It is very easy to find out and they will respond to your best requirements.

  • Take a look at all the basic factors before hiring or payment of advance and the rest.
  • Check the costumes to be ready beforehand the day of the function.
  • Further whether the convenience if they provide the dance training on the doorsteps.
  • Keep interacting with the family who is participating in the dance.

It is all fun to dance and there is nothing serious about it. The only thing you have to care about is that of the sick and the elderly.

List of the Top Best Wedding Choreographer In Delhi

The Dance Team

The Dance Team led by Vickky suits your need according to different categories. The best part of that it can also handle large crowds. They render to the demands of all age groups. Their expertise also involves the performance of singles and troops. They have instructors located in Delhi/Noida/Gurugram.

  • The dance team by Vikky can be contacted at: +91 +91 99586 00827/ +91 95401 32554.
  • Address: B3/39 Paschim Vihar New Delhi.

ShaadiSaga – Dance Choreographer in Delhi NCR

ShaadiSaga is a Wedding Manager that helps you choose the best according to your wedding requirements and without any charge. You can get more details by visiting their official website or contact at +91 99586 00827.

Other Wedding Choreographers in Delhi NCR:

  • Wonder wedding with the starting price of Rs. 30,000.
  • Dance addiction which charges from Rs. 5000.
  • The Tipsy Toes charges start from Rs. 15,000.

Top Dance Professional and wedding choreography prices in Delhi

  1. ENCORE: Rs. 60,000 for ten songs.
  2. TWIZTERZZ: Rs. 25,000 per couple dance.
  3. SHAADI WALA DANCE: Rs. 50,000 for 15 minutes.
  4. WEDDING DE THUMKE: Rs. 50,000 for 15 minutes.
  5. YANKEE ROCKERS: Rs. 25,000 onwards.
  6. SHAADI CHOREOGRAPHY: Rs. 50,000 for 30 minutes performances.
  7. WE AND WEDDINGS: Rs. 20,000 for ten songs.
  8. SANGEET WALE: Rs. 20,000 for ten songs
  9. WONDER WEDDING: Rs. 30,000 for 15 minutes.
  10. DANCERELLA: Rs. 12,000 for 15 minutes.

You can query at +91 99586 00827 for more details about finding the best wedding choreography in Delhi NCR, Noida, Jaipur, Lucknow, and other locations in India.

Here Are More Known Wedding Dance Choreographers in Delhi NCR

  • Smicky events
  • Urmila Thakkar choreography
  • Dance Fun
  • Dancing star studio
  • Band Baaja Baarat
  • SP Choreography
  • Subhash Shukla Dance Company
  • Move on the beat dance studio
  • Sangeet Wale
  • The Sanju Choreography
  • Happy Feet dance company
  • Musical Dreams
  • Muskan Dawar choreography
  • Sangeet mantra choreography
  • Rohan dance and wedding choreography

Final Thoughts

The day of the wedding dance has now captured the imagination of the people of Delhi. Songs that make you sing and dance are seldom to be missed. Wedding dance in Delhi has begun as the trend which truly manifests. So, if it happens to organize a wedding function do not be left behind. There is so much you can relish in a wedding ceremony dancing.


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