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Latest Bridal Eye Makeup Ideas, Every Bride Needs to Know

Bridal Eye makeup look

Eyes are the mirror of the makeup. Eye makeup is a cosmetic tool. Its commonly used to make eyes beautiful and different.

When we talk about bridal eye makeup for it will be very gorgeous in such a way as it going to give a big impact to bride makeup look. A day of wedding you have to look elegant from your wedding dress to eye makeup look, each hold its own importance to create your beauty as a bride.

Bridal Eye Makeup Look

This is a bridal eye makeup called golden with smoky eyes. This eye makeup brings gorgeous looks to bride and enhance the over all look of the bride.
It also shows the feelings in the eyes of bridal. Eye makeup shows the beauty.

Features of Eye Makeup Looks:

One of the most memorable day for women is marriage day. She wants to look very beautiful. An eye makeup helps or play very important role in that. Eyes are best feature of ours face.

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Eye contains lots of feeling and emotion and when we talk about brides’ eye its totally with full of emotion and feeling on their marriages. That why makeup artist more focused on eye looks of the bridal, to look beautiful according to their face.

Importance of Eye Makeup for Bridals:

Eyes are one of the best feature of the face.Eyes conveys million of emotions and feelings.Many things can be guessed and concluded by seeing the bridals eyes.

So, there are lots of different types of eye makeup are:

  1. Simple Eye Makeup:
Simple Eye Makeup Look

Simple eye makeup is perfect for brides with lighter skin color. And also, brides with big eyelets she doesn’t want to highlight their eyes.

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2. Hot Smokey Eye Makeup:

Hot smokey eye makeup

This makeup is in traditional and super popular makeup. This makeup looks good with fair tone brides. And also gives the modern look.

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3. Pink Colored Eye Makeup:

Pink colored eye makeup

This type of eye makeup with pink eye shadow look is one of choices to wear it along with every dress color, it shows simple and elegant looks.

4. Red Eyes Makeup:

Red eyes makeup

Are you excited to show everyone with your catchy eyes? This makeup gives you the bold and sultry eye looks. This makeup more suits to fair bridals.

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5. Golden Eye Makeup:

Golden eye makeup

Gold eye shadow gives an attractive look specially brides because it suits for every dress and in night parties the eyes look more beautiful.

6. Black Smokey Eye Makeup:

Black Smokey Eye Makeup

Today’s everyone wants black smokey eyes because it gives attractive looks.

7. Blue Eye Makeup:

Blue smokey eye Makeup

This is a simple look with catchy eyes. This is mostly suiting for particular dress color. It looks more attractive when we apply blue kajal with blue eye shadow.

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8. Cat Eye Makeup:

Cat Eye Makeup

Its shows classic look to eyes and give a shape like a cat to the eyes.

9. Nude Beach Eye Shadow:

nude eye makeup

It has a satiny texture you can create a good eye looks which are attractive.

10. Traditional Eye Makeup:

Traditional eye makeup

A bridal eye makeup which look elegant and gives traditional look.

11. Royal Purple Look:

Royal purple look

In this eye makeup the eyes are colored with purple and angelic look.

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12. Butterfly Eye Makeup:

Butterfly eye makeup

In this makeup eyes are looking like butterfly. Here the eye lids become the canvas were different colors of the eye shadows are paint.


At the end we conclude that eye makeup gives overall look to your makeup. It enhances the physical appearances and also boost the morale of the girls or a bride.


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